Monday, April 17, 2006

98 Things About Me

1. I was born in Texas (might as well start at the beginning.) My parents torture me by telling me I was conceived on Labor Day, but that has yet to be proven.
2. I think Texas is too hot
3. But I like the music
4. My earliest memory- At the beach after a big storm hit. I was walking with my my Grandmother (Mimi) and there was a bulldozer there.
5. Another one- Playing in the kiddie pool in my front yard. My dad was there. I was cute.
6. One more- My Uncle Steve coming over and swinging us (Josh and I) around in circles in the front yard until I couldn't stand up without falling over.
7. I married the only girl I ever loved.
8. I screwed up our 10th Anniversary.
9. I might be home to make up for it on the 11th 12th Anniversary.
10. I read. A lot.
11. I am more like my dad than I ever knew.
12. My favorite magazines are "Popular Mechanics", "Popular Science", and "Scientific American".
13. I eat a PowerBar and 32 oz. of coffee for breakfast every morning.
14. I worry too much.
15. I hate hurting people.
16. My favorite article of clothing is Levi's 550 Jeans.
17. I no longer have a 32 inch waist.
18. I don't mind being in charge.
19. I secretly want to be the best.
20. My favorite book is "Lonesome Dove" by Larry McMurtry.
21. The first sci-fi book I read was "Tactics of Mistake" by someone I don't remember.
22. I really like coffee.
23. I want a simple life.
24. I cried at the end of "Rudy".
25. I finally learned to snap my fingers when I was in high school.
26. More than being the best, I want people to like me (I am a "pleaser".)
27. I can't listen to "Taps" without getting teary-eyed.
28. I have three boys.
29. I want another child- maybe a girl this time.
30. I miss my brothers and sister.
31. I am proud of my brothers and sister.
32. When Iraq gets to be too much, I put on my jeans, t-shirt, boots, and cowboy hat and look at pictures of my wife and boys.
33. My two year old learned to hug the week I left. I can still feel his arms squeezing my neck.
34. I hate politics.
35. I love UT Football.
36. I would miss watching a UT Football game to play with my boys.
37. It's lonely being the boss.
38. I am scared to death of snakes.
39. I want a truck.
40. I am awful at poker.
41. I don't care though- I am glad I got to play at the McCoy's house before I left.
42. I don't remember why I chose "Social Work" as my major.
43. I wasted my time and money in college.
44. I don't know where my fingers are SUPPOSED to go when I type.
45. I think the best thing is a full season of a show on DVD.
46. I love MASH, Lost, and 24.
47. I love to cook.
48. I love to eat. (goes well together, huh?)
49. I don't have a list of things to do before I die.
50. I love Vanilla Ice Cream more than any other flavor. I would walk into Baskin Robbins and order a scoop of vanilla.
51. I made the winning shot in a basketball game.
52. I ran a mile in less than 5 minutes.
53. I can't do it now.
54. I think of myself as lazy.
55. I was first attracted to Janey by her individual style. Then her smile.
56. I am a wimp when I am sick.
57. I don't have a favorite restaurant anymore.
58. Spring is my favorite season.
59. I got lost in the Smoky Mountains once and ended up about 11 miles from where I thought I was.
60. I earned the indian name "Wandering Aimlessly".
61. I don't have a nickname.
62. I like my name.
63. I wouldn't change anything about my body.
64. My football number was 64 in 8th Grade.
65. In my mind I am still 18.
66. The saddest song is Conway Twitty's "He Stopped Loving Her Today".
67. My favorite song is Robert Earl Keen's "Feeling Good Again".
68. I don't pray enough.
69. Or read my Bible enough.
70. I can play "Amazing Grace" on my ukulele.
71. I am not afraid of dying.
72. But I LOVE living.
73. I don't like going to concerts.
74. I think autographs are useless.
75. I have two Dolly Parton autographs.
76. I wouldn't mind being rich.
77. I don't want to pay the price to get rich.
78. I would rather spend the time with my family.
79. I cannot keep a secret.
80. Or wait to give presents.
81. I like John Denver.
82. I like pheasant hunting.
83. I am too impatient for fishing.
84. I had 20 something stitches in my leg when I was in 7th grade and bitten by a dog.
85. I like talking about my scars.
86. I gave my oldest son his first scar when I bumped his head on the top of the car door.
87. Scars are cool.
88. I haven't had a speeding ticket since 1998.
89. I love useless information.
90. Physical comedy (like the Three Stooges) makes me laugh.
91. My favorite movie is "Destry Rides Again".
92. I like Allison Krause's music.
93. I like helping people.
94. I want to never leave my family again.
95. I bite my fingernails.
96. Besides CNN for 15 minutes at a time Curious George, Dragon Tales, Big Big World and other assorted PBS kids' shows... and anything on The Discovery Channel, I haven't watched TV in 6 18 months.
97. I like not watching TV.
98. I like my Jeep Cherokee GMC Sierra.


Kimberly said...


Seth said...

Without Vanilla Baskin Robbins would only have "30 Flavors". That doesn't even sound right!

Kimberly said...

I think the 31st flavor should be chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate delight! I'm sure it would be down right tasty!

Kimberly said...

Better yet, I think the 31st flavor should Carmel Macchiato! Yummy!!!
Hey we found out the "best" ice cream shop in Seattle area - when you're home our families will have to take a trip up there and you can test out the non-flavor Vanilla and see how it lives up to Baskin Robbins.

Jane Anne said...

You should really start blogging again.