Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Pulling the Pin

You can't just quit. This never happens: "Hey sir, I've been giving this a lot of thought. I decided that as much as I have enjoyed my last 9 years in the Army, I feel that my time away from my family is having too much of a negative influence and I need to make a change. So, this is my two week notice."

Instead, it is more like this: "Sir, here are my four memorandums that are required in order for me to leave the Army. This one is my resignation, this one is to verify that you counseled me, this one is to verify that the Colonel counseled me, and this one is to verify that I know that I have been counseled. Here is my leave form, my education counseling, my last evaluation, and my official records file. I understand that the paperwork must be in six months before I separate from the Army, so my leave will begin in July and I will be separated in September."

And then they find a formatting error or a misspelling on your fourth memorandum and the dates are no longer correct because that other guy took too long to check them. So, re-do them with the correct dates.

The pin on this smoke grenade is pretty tough to pull.

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We voted and decided to go with "Amy Beth Smith" said...

I wanted to get out of the Army once. But then I realized, damn, my ass got fat. And really, wearing digital camo is the best thing I can do to hide this massive ba-dunk-a-dunk that I have been sporting for the past year. The worst part? It is the Army's fault, what with all the free Baskin and Robbins in Iraq. You Seth, with your vanilla fetish, might want to contemplate having to wear a sporty silk business suit on a daily basis. Will it flatter your curves like the ACU? Will that smooth, $600 suit have a place to hide your Power Bars, like say a velcro and stretchy string pocket conveniently located half way down your leg? This is not a decision to take likely.