Monday, March 05, 2007

"...and I yelled 'Smoke!' as I let it fly!"

On Friday, as mentioned in Gravity of Motion, I did three things... I was promoted, I relinquished the command of my company, and I "dropped my paperwork". At least, thats what they call it in the buisness. My signed resignation is awaiting the endorsement of my boss and his boss. Then it will just be a matter of waiting for someone to offer me more lots of money to work.
How long had I been in command? Longer than average. When I took command, a new lieutenant had just arrived at the company. Let's call him "Matt". "Matt" has since left my former company, commanded a unit of his own, and relinquished command of THAT unit to another former lieutenant of mine. I could go on and on about how many other Lieutenants have passed through my company, but it is too long a list.
So, what is next? I let the smoke grenade land, I start sending out my resume' and I get a job. In the mean time, I work... with considerably less stress than being a company commander.
My new job is a management position where I am managing five or six other officers (my former peers). On the staff that I am in charge of, every officer is also getting out of the Army. Form your own opinions as to whether there is a mass exodus of officers leaving the Army.

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