Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Here is what I have heard so far:
"Why would you get out now?"
"You've been in almost 10 years, only 10 more until you can retire!"
"If you hated the Army, why did you stay in this long?"
"Are you SURE you want to get out?"
"If we were to pull out of Iraq next week, would you still get out? or would you come back in?"

And here is my reason.

I have liked everything I have done in the Army. I like what I do now. I have never had a job I didn't enjoy. It is incredibly rewarding and I sleep well knowing I have worked hard and for a purpose. But... as much as I like the jobs I have done, I would be dishonest if I remained in the Army. I am big on metaphors. Its like this: I like the practice, but I hate the games. If I stayed in, I would find myself not wanting to spend a third year away from my wife and kids. Even if we pulled out of Iraq and Afghanistan next week, China became a peaceloving democratic society, Kim Jung-Il fell over dead and Jimmy Carter became the elected president of north Korea, and Syria and Iran... well, you get the point. No matter what wars are going on, I don't want to be there. Not because I suddenly shun violence; on the contrary, I believe that "the world does not become a better place through happy thoughts and wishful thinking. Peace does not arrive from paper or handing out money. Peace is the result of strength. The world improves through force of will from those who believe in freedom.*" But because I value the well being of my family more than the good I could do in the Army, I must, in order to sleep well at night, leave the Army.

That is a long answer, I hope that the truth of my reasoning can be extracted from it.

* the quote is directly attributed to a friend who said those words at his change of command ceremony in February 2007.


Jane Anne said...

Hey Hon, Carmen sent this note on my blog. I thought it could count as a comment on yours (hee, hee). Can I do that, copy a comment as a comment or is it plagerism??
SEth, Matt needs your email address. He has a job posting that you might be interested in.


leigh ann said...

Jeff wants to know if you are looking for a job. He works with a company that LOVES hiring military people with your experience. And we would LOVE to have you here with us!! Here's his e-mail: jeff@swordsmail.com

I'm proud of you, friend, for putting your family first. You should hold your head high. Thanks for having all of our backs these last 10 years. You have our deepest gratitude.

Carrie said...

I love how you stated your reasons--well said. As a colonel that I once worked for said: whether you serve in the military for 4 years, 10 years, or 20 years, you deserve to be honored for serving your country. Thank you Seth for serving our country. Thank you Seth for taking care of your family (and my sister).

Lynette said...

You are just following the rules. God first, family second, everything else is third. You have done your duty for the rest of us by serving the last ten years. Good Luck in transitioning back into the real world.