Friday, April 20, 2007

Telling the Boys

Since someone referenced us telling the boys that I was getting out of the Army, maybe I should tell about it. We were sitting at the table (probably around a meal) and I told the boys that I was getting out. Jonathan, immediately had a HUGE smile on his face and informed us that it meant that I would NEVER have to go back to Iraq again. Jonathan came over and crawled on my lap and just hugged me as tight as his skinny little arms could. David, well, David wasn't immediately so happy. It's cool to have a dad that can let you crawl around on tanks and carries guns. But I think David has since warmed up to the idea. He is just three years old, so he doesn't know that Daddy isn't supposed to be gone for a year at a time. Thomas? Thomas just wants to play on the truck.

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