Thursday, May 24, 2007


Jane Anne is pregnant.
I benefit from her cravings.

Tonight at 10:30, I ate a dozen chicken wings, two mini moon pies, and two cokes. I felt like I was in college again.

She ate a few wings.

I'm going to be 350 before its all over

Thursday, May 17, 2007

What Happened in Atlanta

It went well. I interviewed with 6 companies on Friday; only one initially I was not very interested in working with. I was probably more honest about my desire to work with them than I should have been. So 5 of the 6 wanted me to come to their offices for second interviews in the coming weeks. I turned one of the five down because I cannot see myself gaining a lot of job satisfaction from doing the work they wanted me to do. Am I being vague enough? It is on purpose.

I discovered that the ability to speak inteligently and engage someone in conversation are two of the most important traits to have while interviewing. A sentence in our interview prepapration handout said that companies don't always hire the most qualified person; they often hire the person they like the most. I will see how far my engaging smile will carry me.

On Monday I will be in Nashville for my second interview with one of the companies. I would really like to have this job. Its been difficult for me to determine whether this Nashville company is my number one or the one in Alabama. I don't believe that I will be able to rank a 1 and 2 until I see the work area and the digits on the right side of the dollar sign. Both of these companies I can see myself working for for quite a while.

Odd fact about me: Never once in my 32 (33 on Monday) years have I ever turned in a library book on time. Not once. Ever. Never ever. I may go check one out and turn it back in an hour later just to break the streak.

I need to expound on how bad it really is. I had a fairly large research paper due in class sometime around my junior year at UT. I started early (three days prior). I checked out about 10 books from the library. At the time, there were certain books that you could check out on a three day basis, but if you were late turning them in, it was 25 cents a day. I think I was about half and half between these and the 5 cents per day books (that's how I remember books- by how much they cost me when I turn them in.) I (miraculously) completed my research and the subsequent paper a day early. I STILL had time to turn the books in before they were late. I walked by the library daily to go to class. The books were turned in 3 weeks later. I believe I paid about 40 bucks.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


The jury is still out as to whether or not I will be willing to travel extensively for my next career. I'm blogging from Denver on a 4 hour layover. What a waste of time. Being in Denver (at least the airport) reminded me of how much I liked being in Colorado. What a great place! The weather is absolutely beautiful and the moutains gorgeous! Ok- Enough of that.

JA and I had a conversation last night that calmed my nerves quite a bit about the 7 interviews I will have on Friday. She convinced me that I should ... imagine this... trust God! So, I am getting out of the Army because of several reasons, bnut the heaviest of them has to do with spending more time with my family. I am looking at jobs based on location, pay, and potential job satisfaction. My worry has been: what if the only offers for subsequent interviews I get are not jobs I want? Do I accept the job and use it to get another job in the future? What if it is for less than my minimal requirements for salary? JA explainded that its not such a big deal. I have a job that I really enjoy right now and for very good money. If the job doesn't meet the minimal standards- don't take it.

To me, that felt like she was saying, "its ok to be a failure..." but what she was ACTUALLY saying was "If you don't get the job you want, then it isn't in God's plan. Don't worry. It could be worse." She went on to explain that I am voluntarily looking for a job and if I don't find one, I keep the one I have. There are many other people out there that are looking for jobs out of necessity.

With that bt of sage advice from my loving and supportive wife, I enter the next 72 hours much more relaxed and confident.

and tired. I left the house at 3:25 this morning. Coffee prevented me from sleeping between Seatac and Denver. I plan on sleeping well tonight.

More later from Hotlanta- where the Playas play and the Ballers ball....

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Life Expectancy

Through my completely unscientific research, I have determined that the life expectancy of a McDonald's Happy Meal toy is just about 7 days. I have come to this because I am cleaning out my garage and finding toy upon toy that is broken and discarded. Not that toys from legitimate toy stores don't break as well, but these are toys that the kids don't necessarily ask for and they are only played with for a few days.

McDonalds claims that there are 40 million customers a day. I have not been able to find even an estimate of how many happy meals it serves per month or year... but imagine- each toy that I have thrown away... I mean, set aside for recycling is between 10 and 16 cubic inches. How many cubic feet of crap is being fed into the landfills every week/ month/ or year from McDonalds? Do the math- if only 1 out of every 40 customers in McDonalds daily orders a happy meal and there are 40 million customers every day, then that makes 5787 cubic feet of trash every day.

I don't know- that seems like a lot.

Just a rant- I don't plan to do anything about it...

Friday, May 04, 2007

In My Hand

In my hand are five copies of my orders telling me that I am out of the Army as of 15 September 2007; 10 years to the day after I entered the Army. I have enough leave to where I will be signing out in July to move to...

who knows?

Now that the hurdle of getting out of the Army is (mostly) over, I need to find a job.

The things that JA and I are taking into serious consideration:

Benefits (health insurance)
Company reputation
Advancement opportunity

We still have not decided where we want to live. Its difficult. We LOVE being where we are now. And we definitely do not want to leave our friends here. We also do not want to be too far away from our families. Not TOO close either. Unfortunately, there is about 2,600 miles between where we are and where our families are.

Next week I will be at a conference in Atlanta interviewing. I will definitely update from there to tell the one random person who reads this how it went.