Wednesday, May 09, 2007


The jury is still out as to whether or not I will be willing to travel extensively for my next career. I'm blogging from Denver on a 4 hour layover. What a waste of time. Being in Denver (at least the airport) reminded me of how much I liked being in Colorado. What a great place! The weather is absolutely beautiful and the moutains gorgeous! Ok- Enough of that.

JA and I had a conversation last night that calmed my nerves quite a bit about the 7 interviews I will have on Friday. She convinced me that I should ... imagine this... trust God! So, I am getting out of the Army because of several reasons, bnut the heaviest of them has to do with spending more time with my family. I am looking at jobs based on location, pay, and potential job satisfaction. My worry has been: what if the only offers for subsequent interviews I get are not jobs I want? Do I accept the job and use it to get another job in the future? What if it is for less than my minimal requirements for salary? JA explainded that its not such a big deal. I have a job that I really enjoy right now and for very good money. If the job doesn't meet the minimal standards- don't take it.

To me, that felt like she was saying, "its ok to be a failure..." but what she was ACTUALLY saying was "If you don't get the job you want, then it isn't in God's plan. Don't worry. It could be worse." She went on to explain that I am voluntarily looking for a job and if I don't find one, I keep the one I have. There are many other people out there that are looking for jobs out of necessity.

With that bt of sage advice from my loving and supportive wife, I enter the next 72 hours much more relaxed and confident.

and tired. I left the house at 3:25 this morning. Coffee prevented me from sleeping between Seatac and Denver. I plan on sleeping well tonight.

More later from Hotlanta- where the Playas play and the Ballers ball....


Anonymous said...

The best advice anyone can ever give you is: "to trust God." Too often we say that, but then try to do it on our own. God will provide. The big reason you should get out of the Army should be because God wants you to get out. The big reason you should take a new job is because it is what God wants you to do.

Before I got out of the Air Force, I tried to get an assignment at my husband's next base, but that fell through and then I tried to go reserves, but then that fell through. After that we realized, it was God saying 'no' and that we should just listen to him and have me get completely out of the AF. After that, the decision to get out was the easiest decision because God had made it so clear. And now almost 4 years later, it was definitely the right decision. Seek Him and He will give you peace that passes all understanding.

You'll do great on your interviews! We'll be praying for you! Just let God give you the words. Trust Him--your wife gave you great advice.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your wife and Carrie, don't worry, God lead you in the right direction. Let go and let God! It will work out for what is best for you and your family.