Saturday, May 05, 2007

Life Expectancy

Through my completely unscientific research, I have determined that the life expectancy of a McDonald's Happy Meal toy is just about 7 days. I have come to this because I am cleaning out my garage and finding toy upon toy that is broken and discarded. Not that toys from legitimate toy stores don't break as well, but these are toys that the kids don't necessarily ask for and they are only played with for a few days.

McDonalds claims that there are 40 million customers a day. I have not been able to find even an estimate of how many happy meals it serves per month or year... but imagine- each toy that I have thrown away... I mean, set aside for recycling is between 10 and 16 cubic inches. How many cubic feet of crap is being fed into the landfills every week/ month/ or year from McDonalds? Do the math- if only 1 out of every 40 customers in McDonalds daily orders a happy meal and there are 40 million customers every day, then that makes 5787 cubic feet of trash every day.

I don't know- that seems like a lot.

Just a rant- I don't plan to do anything about it...


Carmom said...

When I was teaching my school would ask for those useless toys and would use them in the "Go Fishing" game at the Christmas festival. It atleast recycled the toys and saved the school some money on prizes.

Kimberly said...

Just one more reason NOT to frequent good ol' Mickey D's!!! Ha, Ha! ;}

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I have a boatload of these plastic wonders, collecting dust bunnies. If I wait 20 years, think they will be worth something?
Wishful thinking, I'm sure.


Matt said...

Do. Not. Hate. On. McDonalds.