Thursday, May 17, 2007

What Happened in Atlanta

It went well. I interviewed with 6 companies on Friday; only one initially I was not very interested in working with. I was probably more honest about my desire to work with them than I should have been. So 5 of the 6 wanted me to come to their offices for second interviews in the coming weeks. I turned one of the five down because I cannot see myself gaining a lot of job satisfaction from doing the work they wanted me to do. Am I being vague enough? It is on purpose.

I discovered that the ability to speak inteligently and engage someone in conversation are two of the most important traits to have while interviewing. A sentence in our interview prepapration handout said that companies don't always hire the most qualified person; they often hire the person they like the most. I will see how far my engaging smile will carry me.

On Monday I will be in Nashville for my second interview with one of the companies. I would really like to have this job. Its been difficult for me to determine whether this Nashville company is my number one or the one in Alabama. I don't believe that I will be able to rank a 1 and 2 until I see the work area and the digits on the right side of the dollar sign. Both of these companies I can see myself working for for quite a while.

Odd fact about me: Never once in my 32 (33 on Monday) years have I ever turned in a library book on time. Not once. Ever. Never ever. I may go check one out and turn it back in an hour later just to break the streak.

I need to expound on how bad it really is. I had a fairly large research paper due in class sometime around my junior year at UT. I started early (three days prior). I checked out about 10 books from the library. At the time, there were certain books that you could check out on a three day basis, but if you were late turning them in, it was 25 cents a day. I think I was about half and half between these and the 5 cents per day books (that's how I remember books- by how much they cost me when I turn them in.) I (miraculously) completed my research and the subsequent paper a day early. I STILL had time to turn the books in before they were late. I walked by the library daily to go to class. The books were turned in 3 weeks later. I believe I paid about 40 bucks.


Matt said...

Don't. That could have very dire consequences for world stability.

Carmom said...

I just checked out some books recently for the kids and had a 2.50 fine. I find it hard to get them back on time as well.

Matt said...

So, I give Carmom a hard time about the fine today, and she says "it was a long time ago." Then, we're checking out a DVD at the library today for Gabe, and I hear "You have a ten cent fine due."

Anonymous said...

What's a library?