Friday, June 01, 2007


Today I did at least 6 things that will be illegal in most of the United States within 15 years.

I own a gas guzzling V8 truck(1). I washed it(2) for the second time in one week(3). I let the soap suds drain into the storm drain(4) that I am sure feeds right into a wetland where countless mosquitos will now die a very clean death. I noticed that last week's oil based spray that makes the wheels look nice and shiny was still on my driveway because it made such a nice rainbow pattern as it ran down the storm drain (5). Then I re-applied the shiny oil based stuff so it stays nice and shiny(6). I thought about adding wasting gas to my list by letting the engine run as I listened to the radio while I dried the truck. But I didn't want to abuse the environment.

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