Thursday, June 14, 2007

Her Sense of Humor

I love my truck. Seriously. I mean- I sit around and think about it. I see other GMC Sierras and look forward to seeing mine again. That reminds me, I still want to name it. What are the rules for naming a truck? Is it like your rifle where it has to be a girls name? I digress. I think the word "vanity" describes my adoration for my truck. As a matter of fact, a few weeks ago when I was waxing it, the song "You're so Vain" kept running through my head. Yesterday as I was talking to JA on the phone, the conversation naturally turned to my truck. I had caught a ride with someone on the way to the airport and my truck sat lonely in front of my house. I said, "How's my truck? Everything OK with it? No dents or scratches?" Of course, I was setting her up to say something like, "Oh yeah, The baseball went through the windshield" or, "Well, I was going to wait until you got home to tell you..." but instead there was pure silence on the line. Then she said, "You.. but... uh... you brought your truck to the airport." My heart stopped. She laughed. I'm gullible.

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Anonymous said...

Your truck already has a name's Agnus.
GM trucks come from the factory with a first name only. You can look this up on there website all you need is your VIN#.
Bakatari out