Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I feel like a contradiction

Confidence: assurance; freedom from doubt; belief in yourself and your abilities
Humility:a disposition to be humble; a lack of false pride

Someime in the last few months, I have changed. I know that it did not happen at an exact point in time. But I know the exact reason for it. The love and support of my wife. She humbles me with unconditional love. Because of this, I have the ultimate confidence. I can feel the difference.

Here is what happened. I was listening to one of the greatest song writers ever (Robert Earl Keen) yesterday and heard a song I had not heard before. It is called "And Then Came Lo Mein". I know- just the title gives you chills as to the depth of the song. The song is about... well, here are a few of the verses. The first two are sung by him and the third is by his wife.

There were lean times, they were tough
There were mean times they were rough
And the good times didn't outweigh the bad
I was sad you were bitter
But you were no quitter
When nothin' was all that we had

Then came lo mein and going insane
At the Chinese cafe way downtown
I was steamed I was fried but you stood by my life
When I had my nervous breakdown

There were noodles galore
All over the floor
And hot mustard sauce everywhere
But I held your hand til you calmed down again
And picked out the rice in your hair

I guess the point is that I listened to the song and was touched by the love she had for him and that she held on to him through the toughest time of his life. Then I thought that that type of love is rare and only found in songs.

Then I realized how wrong I was. I'm married to that woman in the song.

Thank You JA.

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