Friday, June 01, 2007

Job Hunt update

So, the few people who read this noticed that I deleted a previous post. I decided that it sounded far too negative. Do I feel a little screwed by heading to Fort Hood for 2 weeks? Yes. Could I have avoided it? Yes. But. I am still in the Army and still serving and getting paid (well) for it. If the Army wants to send me to Zimbabwe for the last days that I am in, I will do it. I must reiterate that I have enjoyed every job and place I have served in the Army. If I had it to do over again, I would; exactly the same. I chose the Army and did so because I wanted to serve in the military and feel like I was in the military. If I had to choose a different branch of service, it would be the Marine Corps.

That being said...

I had another interview this morning with a fairly large company based in Minnesota. I had originally looked at working with this company, but couldn't get the right door to open when I needed it to. Suddenly this morning, this company called me and asked if I was still interested. Absolutely. Can I conduct a phone interview on Monday? No, sorry I will be in on an exercise. But I am available all day today. So I conducted a phone interview this morning. The HR person said that they will call me on Wednesday to set up a second interview for me to come there. Awesome.

I am still waiting for an offer from the Nashville company. I was frustrated earlier this week because I was told they would bring an offer to me early on in the week. Now they are still working on it. I see that it is best that the offer is delayed. I read that proper etiquite says that my time to accept or turn down their offer is directly proportionate to the amount of time it takes them to make an offer after the second interview. Since it will be more than 2 weeks after I receive their offer, I plan to ask for a couple weeks to decide; which opens my time up for interviews that had to be delayed because of my trip to Fort Hood.

So doors open and close and sometimes they just seem to be closing.

More from Fort Hood- I am bringing the computer and I'll have access.


Jane Anne said...

Seth assures me that he isn't being spiteful about the Air Force. He also assured me that he didn't delete the blog entry because of the comments that were left. For the record, he has told me numerous times the Air Force takes better care of their people than the Army. He just enjoys the Army mission more than the AF mission.

Anonymous said...

Okay, now I really feel bad about everything. I am sorry. There is nothing wrong with the Army. I have always been proud that Seth is in the Army and that he enjoyed it.

Jane Anne said...

Oh, Carrie, that was the point of my comment-- to try to make sure his blog didn't make you feel bad. He didn't take offense to what you said or anything. He just rethought his blog entry, regretted it, and instead of updating it, deleted it. I was afraid when he deleted it, it would make you feel strange. No need to feel sorry.