Monday, June 25, 2007

The Smoke is Clearing... Its Time to Make a Move

Tough decisions on the horizon

Went through a series of interviews with a Fortune 500 on Friday. It went very well. I am flying to their corporate HQ this coming Thursday for the final interview. In the mean time, I will conduct an online personality assessment and an interview with a psychologist in order to determine my leadership style (compliments of the corporation.) Sounds like fun. In the interviews this past Friday, I did as little as ever to prepare for them. And yet, maybe because of the experience I have being interviewed, it went very well. Now I am trying to decide whether to take the job if offered. I (as yet) do not know where they would like to place me, but it will not be in the Pacific Northwest.

Again- I ask the same question as earlier- "At what cost?"

What is the cost of me taking this job? What are the risks I am assuming? What are the benefits? Since I like what I have done in the Army, why not do another 10 years? A lot of factors go into this decision.

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Matt said...

Are you considering another 10 years of Army?

What tests are they giving you? Predictive Index, Myers-Briggs, or other? If they use the PI, then they may make their decision almost solely on the results. That's a test that you really can't "fake out."