Monday, June 04, 2007

Texas- hours 1-13

I've been in Texas 13 hours now. I just arrived at my hotel 12 minutes ago.

It is just before 3 AM and I am here. That is- after 1 cancelled flight, bumped off stand-by on one flight, one bus ride that ended in a flat tire, and (after me and a few otehr guys reloaded the luggage on another bus) anotehr 3 hour bus ride that finally got me here.

There are a lot of mosquitos in Texas.

I shouldn't be blogging when I am this tired, but I will. I learned something about myself today. When people act in stupid ways and it affects (effects?) me, my blood boils. LIke today- my friendly gate agent from American Airlines decided that it would be better to not tell the truth about what was going on. Instead, he hands me a ticket with a seat assignment and tells me I was on the plane. Unfortunately, as I would find out when I tried to board the plane with that ticket, the ticket was for a bus. That was around 5:30. The bus that this wonderful ticket agent said would be there at 6 actually departed at 9. and then broke down. The point is, his unwillingness to be upfront about the situation made me almost uncontrollably angry. But- when the bus blew a tire out, the anger melted away. Joe, the bus driver, was able to get the bus off the interstate and to a grocery store. So I went in and bought a sandwich and a 6-pack of Shiner Bock (its a Texas brewed beer) and shared both with my newfound friends on the bus.

I am meeting my ride onto Fort Hood in 4 hours. I need to sleep for 3 of them.

More tomorrow.

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Jane Anne said...

At least this wasn't the beginning of a trip to interview for a job!