Monday, June 11, 2007


So I am sitting 74.48 miles from where I was born and 77.73 miles from the apartment My parents, brother and I lived in after I left the hospital. I have little desire to head south to see the place.

Funny Quote: "... you may all go to hell and I will go to Texas" Davey Crockett said that in Memphis the night before he left for Texas. Apparently he thought he had a good chance of being elected governor and failed to be elected. I believe that when the hero of the Alamo arrived here, he found that he was next door to that fiery place he told his former constituents from the great state of Tennessee to go. I am convinced that I don't want to live here. Being born here was enough.

Another round of interviews on Friday the 22nd. I hope I like this job. No. I hope that I love it. Just a reminder that I have to love the job that I do. I already love what I do now, so I need to find something better.

More later...


Jane Anne said...

But you are wrong, being born there isn't enough for you. You also listen and love Texas style country music...the music alone should be reason enough for someone to avoid the state!

Seth said...

The Music is Awesome. Great. Terrific. Anyone who likes southern rock oughta love it.