Friday, June 15, 2007


Unbelievable. Sinply unbelievable. Really. I try to remain neutral in national politics.

I don't know if Harry Reid's comments calling the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff "incompetent" is politically motivated or if his career in politics has made him numb to the effects making comments like that has on Soldiers.

General Peter Pace is the highest ranking military officer in the United States Military. He is the uniformed figurehead of all of the military. He came to Iraq when I was there (probably several times) and I saw him speak. Very motivational and influential. He is not the commander in charge of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. That is someone else.

The point is: we look up to him. As an officer, he is the pinnacle; he has served in the Marine Corps since 1968. I looked at Harry Reid's Biography and General Pace's biography and see that there is one striking similarity in the two men. They both have a degree from George Washington University. I guess they both have spent their careers drawing pay from the government in one way or another.

My point is this: President Bush is an elected official. Criticize him if you want. It's your right, Mr. Reid. But the man who volunteered to lead men in combat and has spent the last 40 years doing that very valiantly, leave that man alone. If you say that we have the best and strongest military in the world, how do you say that the leader of that military is incompetent? I know it's popular to criticize the war, especially for a democrat and increasingly so for republicans, but General Pace is NOT in charge of the war. He does NOT run the war. He is THE best that the United States Military has produced. And you Mr. Reid, you call him incompetent? That, to me, is unbelievable.


Matt said...

Reid's approval is now under 20%. He is officially a joke... but he did get 11 post offices renamed!

Anonymous said...

General Pace is an awesome guy. John flew him several times--both when he was the vice chairman of the JCS and as CJCS. Some generals don't want to be bothered or barely say anything to the aircrews flying them, not General Pace. He would come up in the cockpit and talk to the pilots and treat them respectfully. John liked flying him and had a lot of great things to say about him.

Interesting--did you see this weekend, General Pace said he was asked to voluntarily resign and he refused to quit on his troops serving in war?

Not only is General Pace a respectable man because of his service and the position he acheived and the great things he publicly says and does, but even one on one in person he is the same man (some people have a public face and a private face). He is an awesome man and it is too bad he won't be serving a second term as CJCS.