Sunday, July 22, 2007

10 Happy Years

We've been married 10 happy years. And, yes, looking at Jane Anne's Blog , you see that it is our 12th anniversary. Here's the deal- its because of Football. I mean- The Army. Maybe they are related.

We were married July 22, 1995. That year Tennessee beat Alabama.
October 1996- Tennessee beat Alabama.
October 1997- Tennessee beat Alabama.
October 1998- Tennessee beat Alabama.
October 1999- Tennessee beat Alabama.
October 2000- Tennessee beat Alabama.
October 2001- Tennessee becomes the first team to beat Alabama more than six years in a row.
April 2002- I started my year long tour in Korea. Tennessee loses to Alabama in October.
April 2003- I return from Korea. Tennessee beats Alabama in October that year.
October 2004- Tennessee beats Alabama.
October 2005- I deploy to Iraq a week before the Tennessee Alabama game- Tennessee loses to Alabama.
October 2006- I return from Iraq. Tennessee beats Alabama.

There is irrefutable evidence that when I am in the USA, Tennessee beats Alabama.

Really- we have had a great 12 years. I cannot believe that it has gone by so quickly. I look at the pictures that Jane Anne put on her blog and realize that I look a little older now. If I had the last 12 years to do all over again, I would- They have been great. Now, as JA and I decided earlier tonight, we start Chapter 2 in our lives.


Jane Anne said...

I hope you know that getting out of the Army changes everything. The 'Tennessee wins when you are in the USA' rule no longer applies. We are starting a new chapter in our lives and a new era in SEC football!

leigh ann said...

So, where do the boys fall in the whole Tennessee versus Alabama saga? Do they get to choose allegiance or do they get assigned? :)

Matt said...

Those boys seem smart... that means they cannot possibly be Bama fans. No offense, JA. I think you may be the one exception in the world.