Thursday, July 05, 2007

6th Grade Computer Class

When I was in the sixth grade, we took a computer class in school. I am pretty sure that this class consisted solely of playing the game "Oregon Trail". I should have paid attention a little better. When I was in Korea, the Battalion Commander's driver was from Oregon. I remember telling him that I had never met anyone from Oregon and didn't really know where it was. Well, in the next month I will find out pretty well where it is.

We are moving. I have a great job lined up with Target Corporation. They are moving me to Albany, Oregon (or somewhere fairly close to there.) JA and I really wanted to be in the southeast, but it doesn't seem to be working out that way.

These last few weeks I have driven JA crazy, I am sure. When I was in Texas, I remembered what I love about the Army. I remembered all f the good things and got excited about it all over again. That, coupled with turning down jobs that I knew I would not enjoy seemed to point pretty handily toward staying in the Army. Then I interviewed with Target. I thought that after the first interview I would decide that it wasn't for me and turn off the process. I was interested after the first interview. Then I flew to Minneapolis and did a final round of interviews. It went well. So, they made an offer and tomorrow I will most likely accept it.

One of the good things about Target is that they like you to move around. I believe between three and five years we will move again. During that move, I plan on reversing the Oregon Trail and make my way back across the country.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new job Seth! We are happy for you. God sends us to certain places at just the right time for His purpose....we just get to wait and see what He has in store at those places He send us.

Interesting side note: you are the second person we know who has gotten out of the military and gone to work for Target Corporation. A very good friend of mine works at the headquarters in Minneapolis.

Anonymous said...

watch out for the beavers:}

Amy said...

Congratulations Seth!
Amy Jo

Kimberly said...

Are you going to get discounts at Target? I figure with the way your wife shops there you should already be getting discounts but working for the company really should put you over the top!!!!!

Carmom said...

Congratulations! We are so glad to hear you have found a job you think you will be happy doing. Hopefully, when they move you again it will be closer to the SE like you both seemed to want. It's hard being away from family, especailly how far away you two are. We'll be thinking and praying for you all during this transition.