Thursday, July 19, 2007


I picked up my discharge certificate today as I signed out of the Army. I am actually still in the Army until September 15th. That will make 10 years and 1 day in the Army. I'm sad to leave the friends I have made in the Army. I am sad to leave the job and the feeling that what I do makes a difference, if not in the world, in the lives if the Soldiers working with me. Its been a great 10 years and I will miss the people. I sure as heck won't miss the overseas duty. I didn't do too much special to mark the occassion of the last time (or nearly, according to my wife) that I will put on my uniform. I packed up the rest of the uniforms still in my closet along with boots, t-shirts, PT stuff, and socks that I will not wear again. So my bedroom and dresser is, for the first time in 10 years, free of army stuff. I have a lot more drawer space now. Already, leaving the Army is paying off :)

I look forward to starting my next career with Target.

We put an offer on a house in Lebanon, Oregon today. A small town with a good high school football team. We are excited about the house and the move. Just a couple weeks before we actually get there. Hopefully things work out with the house- we are looking forward to living there.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck Seth and Jane Anne on your new adventure! I wish all the best of luck with the job with Target and finding a home in Oregon.


breaking free said...

Just wanted to let you know that I am going to pray for you guys as the Lord leads me. I can't imagine what you and Jane Anne are going through right now with a new career, new baby on the way, new house, new town, and with newly broken bones!!