Friday, July 13, 2007


A friend posted about phobias. It reminded me that I have ALWAYS been freaked out by broken bones. Body parts bending in unnatural ways just turns my stomach. Seriously. There is some alien-type movie where at the end one of the characters you didn't know was an alien transforms back into his alien form and his knees bend backwards and he runs off into the desert. I nearly got physically ill at that part.


That being said- picking Jonathan up off the stairs after his fall and wrapping my hand around his floppity arm took a LOT of will power. I knew it needed to be stabilized in order avoid any muscle/ nerve/ artery damage so I had to hold the break in my hand as I carried him over and try to calm him down. The break is about 2-3 inches above his wrist through both bones (ulna and radius). In his panic, he kept trying to move his wrist. I'm feeling ill thinking about it. It was three hours before they brutally set it straight (bones don't just fall back into place- it is a very forceful process.) I never got used to seeing it lying there broken.

So, my phobia is Ruptophobia.

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Matt said...

I'm really sorry to hear about his fall! I hope his arm mends up quickly and he's back to tree climbing soon.

When Carmen and I had just started dating, we went rapelling (sp?). We went down the side of a cliff several times without incident. Then, as we hiked the trail back to the car, she sprained her ankle and I had to drive her home injured. Point? Weak, but there is one... the injuries never happen where you fear they will. They sneak up on you unexpectedly.

And congrats on the job! I was hoping you got a job at the Target place in Indy. It's not the Southeast, but it's much closer. Maybe in a few years?