Friday, August 31, 2007


This article gave me chills.

I've waited and waited for football season to begin and its finally here. Compare and contrast for a moment.

I work in Albany, Oregon. that is exactly 10.6 miles from the stadium at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon. This is arguably a major university. They have a football team (I think.) And they played a game there Thursday evening. No buzz. No parties. Nothing. This is a Division I school. I actually had to ask someone if there was really a game. Their answer was, "Yeah- I think I'll go. I'm sure there are tickets left."

Can you IMAGINE that happening in Tuscaloosa, or Knoxville, or Auburn, or Starkville, or wherever Georgia plays? Would anyone over the age of 5 in Baton Rouge not know if there was a game on Saturday?

I am nervous and excited. Tennessee beat the snot out of California last year when Cal was predicted to walk all over them. This year it is the same prediction- most people are guessing Cal to win by almost 2 touchdowns. It’s probably a fair guess. I hope it’s just not accurate.

19 hours until toe meets leather. I've been waiting for this for 9 months. Cal tomorrow. Two weeks until Florida. Seven weeks until Alabama. Georgia is in there somewhere. And there are 11 weeks until Vanderbilt. That happens to be the day that JA is due with Elisabeth.


Matt said...

That's a royal name! One problem: It's spelled with a "z"and not an "s" :-P

Seriously, cool name choice.

Matt said...

Oh, one more thing... If I line up a sweet pair of Vandy tickets, could you skip the whole birthing thing and make the game with me?

Kimberly said...

Is football played with a round ball with black and white stop sign shapes on it? ????
I think they are showing HSM2 on the Disney Channel again tonight and the girls are going to want to watch that. And if majority rules its 5 girls to 4 boys. I hope you won't be too disappointed! ;}

leigh ann said...

Well, the two touchdowns wasn't far off, was it? That was so not pretty.

At least in Oregon you are sheltered from watching it over and over again. They're already calling death to Fulmer around here. Can't say that I disagree. It's time for the big guy to move on - not just because of this. Just cause.

We have tickets to the Alabama/Vandy game on Saturday and we so can't wait. Hopefully it will go better than my last live football game, the Outback Bowl. :(

Kimberly said...

Are we going to have to wait 19 days again for your next post?

Anonymous said...

Chills? maybe your sick or you have a disease.

Kimberly said...

Oh, he's sick all right!!!!! 8}